Friday, July 3, 2009

mazie's new trick.

First, let me say how much i LOVE this stage that Maizie is in. She is learning and doing new things everyday and it is just so fun to watch.
Here she is smiling...

right before she does the darn cutest spitting trick you have ever seen.

spitting never looked so cute, has it?!

and of course, she is learning some of these amazing new tricks from her trickster brothers, seen here shooting each other in the face with squirt guns. i love the angle of this picture. ha!

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Anonymous said...

They are soooooo DANG cute. . I love them. I can't wait to see you guys.... really... i can't wait:)

Nate and Jessica said...

Yep, that is so dang cute of Maizie. Man, is she going to be talking and running around by the time I move out there???

Anonymous said...

well, one thing that she does not have to learn for her big brothers is HOW TO BE JUST DARN CUTE!!!!of course those BIG BLUE EYES lead the way.
miss all the fun