Tuesday, July 28, 2009

some washington love.

We just got back from our two week stay in Seattle and had so much fun. The first week we spent with my brother, Toby and his family there and the second week we were all alone..well, except for grandpa, grandma, megan, emily, kevin and channing. Here is the first week in pics:

Emily and Lincoln snuggles and of course, matching their stripes. nice.

Abster and Maizie

I couldn't figure out why the kids were acting so crazy there..until I looked through the pics and saw what they ate for breakfast..lucky charms, cocoa puffs and GATORADE. breakfast of champions and crazy acting kids!

quality bonding time with papa

movie day with grandma

yet another sugary treat...why did they throw so many tantrums??! haha.j/k. meeting baby channing for the first time..what a cutie.

maizie and her uncle toby

tie-dying with meg

oh yeah, baby.

snuggles and smores.

bowling for the first time

Lincoln's strategy...BLOWING THE BALL..
OR...watching it and...

jumping with excitement!

papa time

quality sister time.

quality baby time.
can't wait to do it again!:)

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Anonymous said...

kiki, how can you ever get done hugging those beautiful blue eyed blondes??????????????
miss all of you.