Saturday, July 25, 2009

yes, he's okay.

No vacation is great until there is blood, right?!:)
So here it, a rousing game of wrestling turned a bit too rowdy and sent Lincoln flying backwards. His head hit a bookshelf and came up with a bit of a gash in his head.
A quick trip to urgent care resulted in 2 staples in his head and a large dinosaur from the store for being so brave.

And yesterday we got them removed. He was so proud of himself for being so brave..and I'm just happy his head is healed.
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Anonymous said...

ohhhh who could resist those beautiful blue eyes. what a brave boy .glad all turned out ok.
some one sure is getting a hug/full.
miss you.
michele and angel

Nate and Jessica said...

Nate was so surprised they used staples. He couldn't figure it out. Poor Linky, glad he's okay.

Kara said...

What?! I leave you guys alone for a couple of months and this is what happens?! When do you want us to come for our "yea, Ben's done with the bar" visit?

Sarah Walton said...

Poor Lincoln!! He looks so sad. Glad he's okay!