Sunday, August 16, 2009

happy day.

On this day 7 years ago I married my best friend in the whole world.

and 7 years later we:
*have 3 degrees
*have 3 children
*have moved 7 times
*have lived in 4 states
*bought 1 house
*SOLD 1 house (yay!)
and have had adventures and excitement of all kinds.
there is no one in the world i would want to spend every day with.

i love you, babe!

hope you are enjoying all 14, 494 feet of this...

while i am gladly enjoying all 6 feet of them.

and i'm praying you don't get snuggled on our anniversary by one of these...yikes!

love ya!


Sarah Walton said...

Happy Anniversary you guys!

Nate and Jessica said...

You guys were definitely meant to be together since you make such adorable kids. And you were married in such a beautiful building! Can I learn more about it?

Anonymous said...

happy seven and many many more!!
the small comins attached to those six feet are looking marvelous!!
miss ya
michele and angel

Tod and Kim Comin said...

I sure appreciate you sacrificing your hubby for the Mt Whitney hike!!! Thanks for sharing Beej with us on your anniversary - I'm sure he'll make it up to you!!