Wednesday, August 5, 2009

how do they get so big?

Every time I look at pictures I have recently taken of my kids, I keep doing double takes because they are growing up so fast.
Booker is growing physically like a weed and is working so hard right now on reading. He works SO hard, even when I am impatient with him and tells me things like, "Mom, the tv is just so distracting to me all of the time." or "Mom, I have got the greatest ideas for what we can do today..they are just awesome." I love his sweet personality...he' s got a joking, competitive, happy spirit and it makes my life so happy.
Lincolns favorite saying as of late is "Mom, I just really love you." TO.EVERYTHING. and especially when he is getting in trouble. It is too stinkin cute. That and his obsession with certain songs that have to be played over and over again in the car. And his sweet voice saying "Yeah, baby" after every thing he does. Such a cute, sweet, loving, and stubborn boy.
and Maizie. Ahhhhh, she is so cute. (Can I say that one more time about my kids?!) She is a crawlin', starting to stand up on things, eating big people food, laughing, teething crazy girl. And is constantly talking...I love her talking, except at 2 or 4 AM.
Yep, I love them all to pieces and realize more than ever how lucky I am to be their mom and watch them grow. They help me be a better me and help me love life more than I ever thought possible.
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Nate and Jessica said...

Wow, they do look so much bigger. And it really is true, you have exceptionally cute kids.

emily and kevin griffin said...

booker looks so old in that picture! they are so cute...we had so much fun with them!

Annie said...

Look at them. Growing so so fast. That little Maize's eyes are to die for and look out ladies because those are some good lookin' boys.

ryan said...

The moments I can pull back and really look at my kids and see them as the people and spirits they are, are the moments I am humbled to be their mother. Thanks for reminding me! I love the summer pics and we miss you!!

kerstin said...

I didn't even recognize Booker, he looks SO grown up! And Lincoln, I have a feeling him and Anne would be best of friends (trouble!) and Maizie, did you make her dress? She is so stinkin' cute!

Melinda said...

holy cow. They ARE so cute and so big!