Sunday, August 2, 2009

a weekend of rest?

I think since being here in Vegas we have been here for less than 1 month. We have been traveling like crazy! This weekend we had a little vacation celebration because the BAR IS OVER! yeehaw! What was to be a restful weekend turned into kayaking and swimming at the beach, bbq-ing, hiking, playing, slip n sliding, eating, movies and fun.
It was some time to reconnect as a family and celebrate having our daddy back!

and that restful weekend??

well, we are teething on this end of the country, so 4:30 AM is our wake up time! yipppeee!

Such a fun weekend..thanks Tod and Kim.
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Anonymous said...

GEEEEE, BEN'S TEETH LOOK FINE!!!oh you were talking about little ms comins'S TEETH.those teeth will only make her smile all the brighter!!
love michele and angel

The Teeples said...

Congrats the both of you. I am so happy that that dreaded test is done. We will continue you in our prayers that Ben will pass. We all know he will! We love and miss you guys!