Tuesday, September 22, 2009

baby blues.

i cannot even say how excited i am for this little lady to have a little boy in just a few months. when i found out what she was having i knew i had to make something..(i know my husband hates when i say this!):) i had this funny vision of hedgehogs, skunks and mushrooms...and loved the little characters that came out. i found these cute little characters on some target clothing and HAD to recreate!

i can't decide if the hedgehog...
or skunk is my favorite! more about the jess visit to come.:)
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Monday, September 21, 2009

love our cousins.

dear abby and grace,
thanks for spending a whole week with us. thanks for playing and playing and playing and keeping us so busy, even if we are crazies. we cannot wait to see you again.
love, b, l &m
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and we danced.

Because isn't that what you are supposed to do when you are cooking....

with a baby at your feet..

and the music is rockin!:)

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Sunday, September 20, 2009

db dawg strikes.

a few days ago we got a knock at our door and this is what we found when we opened it!

we were all a little confused, the boys were estatic..and we really didn't know what it was until we looked at his necklace. apparently our ward has this dog travel around to everyone in the ward's home and each family is suppose to have some sort of adventure with it. then you go to his BLOG and write about it.
the boys decided this was going to be our adventure...
then we ditched it at someone else's home.
booker thought THIS was by far the best part.
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Friday, September 18, 2009

a filling of paper flowers.

for my mom's 61st i promised her a flower for every year she was born. after punching paper with the boys for a few hours and gluing a few more and wrapping 61 wire stems in floral wire and adding a few brads to boot we had them ready to ship off to washington. each of these flowers represent a year she has lived and looking at how different each of these flowers are, i can see how each year of her life has been different and beautiful. looking at them all together makes quite a beautiful sight to see, just as each year has made my mom as such. love you, mom.

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why i love it when...

the halloween costume box comes out. and then all of a sudden i have:
a fro boy.

a baby vampire bat.(check out those real fangs!)
a crazy chicken.
a cute bare legged peacock.
and a sweet elephant.
i can't wait to see who ends up coming OUT of our house on halloween.:)
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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

yes, we are alive!

man, oh man, have we had some good times in the last few weeks. now that we are finally catching our breath a little, i got the pictures out and it was so fun to remember the great times we had. take a look:
grandma julie came and we had such a great time with her..she wore us out!

lincoln found exactly what he wanted for halloween..."handcups and swords..that's IT mom!"

park day..lookin cute

i could just kiss those cheeks..and i do EVERY day!:)

and yes, once every 5 years this happens...he gets worn out!:)
her eyes are amazing.
my brother, toby and his family came to visit and we also had such a great time with them..
this pool was A.MAZ. ING!
a little swimming time with uncle Toby
some yummy eats at the Rainforest Cafe.

Lincoln loved the rain..
Maizie loved the animal print seats.
and we just can't get over her. Each time we see her (whether at 3 am or 3 pm), we just remember what a blessing she is in our life.
We are feeling so blessed. Thanks to all of our visitors.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

all kinds of shows..

this weekend we were lucky enough to have landon and kara come and visit us...and it was a weekend of shows...

the TALENT show...can you say boom, boom, BOOM.

the FASHION show...yes, kara was THE model in the show...she looked amazing, especially with maizie as her prop.

the FLYING show. self explanatory.

the HYPNOSIS show. simply amazing.

and yes, that is a VIP sign..we are that special.

and the PHOTOGRAPHY show.

yep, she is amazing.
I guess the only other show I could have told you about was the NO SLEEP-LATE NIGHT TALKING/LAUGHING-MEMORY MAKING show. It was a pretty darn great one..thanks for driving down for that show, landon and kara! :) we can't wait to see ANYONE heading through our way!