Sunday, September 20, 2009

db dawg strikes.

a few days ago we got a knock at our door and this is what we found when we opened it!

we were all a little confused, the boys were estatic..and we really didn't know what it was until we looked at his necklace. apparently our ward has this dog travel around to everyone in the ward's home and each family is suppose to have some sort of adventure with it. then you go to his BLOG and write about it.
the boys decided this was going to be our adventure...
then we ditched it at someone else's home.
booker thought THIS was by far the best part.
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ryan and berni said...

I love that idea! Your costumes were great, I'm sure db dawg had a blast with batman and captain jack sparrow.

kim said...

The dog is more fun than the GIANT Easter egg that was left on our door step once upon a time. You can DO much more with a dog! I'm with Booker, Ditching something is always the most fun!