Friday, September 18, 2009

a filling of paper flowers.

for my mom's 61st i promised her a flower for every year she was born. after punching paper with the boys for a few hours and gluing a few more and wrapping 61 wire stems in floral wire and adding a few brads to boot we had them ready to ship off to washington. each of these flowers represent a year she has lived and looking at how different each of these flowers are, i can see how each year of her life has been different and beautiful. looking at them all together makes quite a beautiful sight to see, just as each year has made my mom as such. love you, mom.

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cheeks said...

what a gorgeous bouquet! i love it! you are so stinkin talented!

i also love how maizies little fangs are coming in! too funny! i will be interested to see if the boys are NOT pirates for halloween!

Kara said...

So cute!

emily and kevin griffin said...

they are quite cute...and i agree we have a pretty great mom...:)

love the costumes

Annie said...

What a thoughtful idea. Always a clever one you are!

Anonymous said...

what a neat idea, and so thoughtful