Wednesday, September 16, 2009

yes, we are alive!

man, oh man, have we had some good times in the last few weeks. now that we are finally catching our breath a little, i got the pictures out and it was so fun to remember the great times we had. take a look:
grandma julie came and we had such a great time with her..she wore us out!

lincoln found exactly what he wanted for halloween..."handcups and swords..that's IT mom!"

park day..lookin cute

i could just kiss those cheeks..and i do EVERY day!:)

and yes, once every 5 years this happens...he gets worn out!:)
her eyes are amazing.
my brother, toby and his family came to visit and we also had such a great time with them..
this pool was A.MAZ. ING!
a little swimming time with uncle Toby
some yummy eats at the Rainforest Cafe.

Lincoln loved the rain..
Maizie loved the animal print seats.
and we just can't get over her. Each time we see her (whether at 3 am or 3 pm), we just remember what a blessing she is in our life.
We are feeling so blessed. Thanks to all of our visitors.


Annie said...

Looks like such a great time! Your kids are just getting bigger and bigger. I'm sure that your visitors just loved them.

kerstin said...

Mmm, Rainforest Cafe, so fun! One of these days we will come visit. =)

Anonymous said...

hard to beleive that they are growing soooooo fast.and yes some of us are just plain jealous that you get to kiss those cheeks and look into those fablous blue eyes.
those handcups sound like the cupackes from last fall!! lol
miss ya
michele and angel