Thursday, October 29, 2009

a choir of singing ghosts.

a choir of singing ghosts just ended up at our house after a night of making fondant, rolling it out and cutting the perfect holes out..
the boys couldn't keep their eyes off of them all night,
and they were devoured quickly at a cake walk last night, but of course they first sang a loud...
happy halloween!
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Smittys said...

I knew you made those!!! Because they were super cute! I didn't get to eat the time Addy won a cake walk they were all gone!
You Flintstones looked very cute BTW.

Anonymous said...

WOW what cupcakes![or upa cakes as linclon would say].who wouldn't have a great holloween.
love michele

cheeks said...

great work! i saw these in a magazine and immediately passed them by....too much work for me! of course, you're amazing and tackled the fondant!