Friday, October 9, 2009

the dilemma

Do you see how much hair Maizie has sprouted as of late?
So what do I do?
and yes, Jess, this is for you....
do i do the George Washington?
the large sprout on top
both at the same time...
or neither?!:)
when i showed beej the above hairdo he simply said, "ohhh, what did you do to MY baby?!"
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Anonymous said...

i do not think it really matters, i can't get over those BLUE EYES and that SMILE!!!

Monica said...

Love it! She is so adorable. I can't believe how much she has changed. Oh.. and her hair is doing great. She has already passed Sofie up!! Seriously! Love the hair dos.

cheeks said...

i personally love the first picture.....that huge faux-hawk! she's such a doll! i love all that hair!

Nate and Jessica said...

George Washington do rules. It always will. Except in public of course.

R said...

LOL. Love the do's.
I don't know which I'd pick. I've already trimmed S's bangs 3 times. I think I may need to resort to the sprout on top as it's due for it's 4th trim now.
Good luck!