Monday, October 5, 2009

good genes.

she DEFINITELY gets her good looks from him....
but her hair DEFINITELY comes from me!:)
(this nose scrunching, eye squinting cheesy smile is quite possibly the fastest way ever to get a smile on my face.)
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emily and kevin griffin said...

hair...hahaha...that was pretty funny. mom liked it too.

cheeks said...

ha ha! she's too dang cute! So, who does she get her cute teeth from?!?!? i love her scattered-tooth grin! how could that NOT bring a smile to your face?!

Annie said...

She really does have a lot of hair! That face is so dang cute. I swear you could just squeeze it.

Anonymous said...

gee that thirsd smile sure looks like lincoln!!
i would not know weather to kiss the cheeks or rub the hair first.
you are so blessed!