Tuesday, November 3, 2009

my love of creating and a giveaway.

I think I could do multiple posts for this love that I have (my husband might call it a disorder). I have never known myself NOT as an artist. There were times that I certainly got discouraged (being rejected by BYU's art program a few times). Even when I changed my major from Art to Psychology, little did I know less than a semester later, we would be switching back! I have always had a love for art and for the process of creating something from something else that is seemingly nothing. I have dreams about things I will create. I look at something and think of another way I could recreate it or make it from something I have laying around. I have dreams that my creations will reach far and wide, someday. Today I am grateful for my hands, my right-sided brain, my patience and the way that these things work together to help me create what my mind already sees. There are not many things that make me as happy as seeing my final creation (as long as it works out like I want it too!):) So to celebrate my love of creating, I want to create something for 2 of you! Leave a comment if you want to be in the running..I will pick the winners randomly.
Now come and go through new and old memory lane with me!

some super fun felt creations!;) i have this weird love of trying to match things exactly..cat on shirt i made to match tights...and how do you like that little witch's hat!:)

a birthday bouquet for my mom.

my first cake pop trial from bakerella.

maizies 4th of july outfit

a gift for my nephew

a silly "bolt" easter basket

maizies easter outfit.

haha. a silly cake.

halloween cookies.

name blocks for my sweet niece.

a friends boys' birthday cake
my sisters wedding cake.

ooooh, i loved this one. ben and i made this together..it was too much fun to make and even funner watching the kids play in it!

bookers 4th birthday cake
a little chocolate fun.


Sarah Lunt said...

Yay! I'm first! You are soooo talented and I would love to win one of your creations so PICK ME, PICK ME! ;-)

I am so impressed with your talents - from cakes to darling baby outfits you can do it all!

Ashli Clinger said...

I love your creations!! You are so talented and I want to win one!! ha ha You inspire me to create!!!

Heather said...

Yeah, the surf shack is tough to beat! I love them all.

what a great idea to do a thankful month. I may do a thankful week the week of . . . can I copy your cool thankful header?

cheeks said...

you are amazing!! i would feel extra special if i could win one of your creations!!! The tutu/legwarmers/bow/onesie combo you made Emri has been such an attention getter! She still wears everything but the onesie (only because she's huge)!

Nate and Jessica said...
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Nate and Jessica said...

I loved that trot down memory lane. Especially since I knew about most of them. I love that you included your patience playing into your creations because that is really true and really is a gift. I will NEVER understand how you find the time for it all though! You amaze me. Okay this is funny, my word verification for this comment is "greede." Yes, there is greed. I want a Kiki creation.

Jansen said...

More greed.

Natalie said...

Even more greed.

Nate said...

Shameless additional entry.

Kandice, Paul & Girls said...

How do you have time??? You are amazing.

Keri said...

Yes I want to be in the running too! I love to look at your amazing blog and see what creative thing you are doing next. You inspire me to try new and creative things!

Annie said...

Um I think that Jessica is cheating. But my word verfication word is honestly uping so I will be one uping all the rest of ya'll and I want to win! You really are so talented Kiki and never cease to amaze me. Being an artist is such a gift and you truly are one.

emily and kevin griffin said...

me too

Anonymous said...

WOW,it really adds up to see so many of the things TOGETHER.personally , i love the wedding cake!! [if i ever do it again...........]lolol
i enjoy reading the blog and watching my little BUDDIES grow.
love, michle

Gazdik Family said...

This is kinda funny, and for real.
I have been thinking about you the past couple of days, when my girls today told me to come and look at Kiki's awesome creations. So, I am not leaving a comment trying to get a freebee off of you. I just am so blown away by all those creations you have made. They are not amature stuff, they are professional, and double that.
They are so dang neat that I bet it is making all of us who look at them turn green in envy. So not fair, God gave you many talents.
Your amazing talent and creativity, awesome personality(if I name each of them, this comment will never end), your skill as a wonderful mother, ability to be the cutiest wife and a great friend. Hummm, maybe I should have split this comment in four (jessica, you are smart) so that I could have increased my chance of winning an art by Kiki. If I get one, I will make a shrine around it!! (So, needless to say, I change my mind, I want to win one real bad!!)

Gazdik Family said...

They are AMAZING!!! -Anna

Anonymous said...

hola- could i win but instead of a kiki creation could i win time to talk to you on the phone:)