Friday, November 6, 2009

and sweet him.

sweet lincoln. sweet, sweet lincoln. since he was a little baby, there has not been a word to describe him better. he is the most tenderhearted, yet tough little guy out there. i have loved the few hours we get every day together when booker is at school and have been working really hard on reading, shapes, writing, math and VOCABULARY.

vocabulary, you ask?
the other day, lincoln was sitting at the table when ben walked in the room and got ready to leave for work. everyday it seems i tell ben, "you look great, babe" or something along that line...well, today, lincoln got in a few words. "dad," he said, "you look HIDEOUS!" "wow, lincoln, thank you," said ben, "I feel so good about myself." and then Lincoln got a funny look on his face. About this point in a conversation like this Booker would always say, "I'm kidding, daddy, I love you." But lincoln? nope he looks at him with a stinker look in his eye and says, "AND AWKWARD!" yep, he is picking up his vocab. words left and right and using them in all kinds of situations.
but really, he is SUCH a sweet kid and i am greatful for and love every little piece of him!:)

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kerstin said...

Too funny! I was getting ready to leave for a Relief Society Presidency meeting and I asked Brian if I looked ok. Madison turned around and looked and quite matter of factly said, "You no match mom." I love their honestly. And for the record...I did match. :)

Nate and Jessica said...

Hahaha! That's so funny. I have always love the word awkward myself. It is the appropriate word for so many situations I find myself in.

Anonymous said...

those times are when mom and dad wish that they did not speak ENGLISH!!
lincoln is a sweetie , i sure miss him
hug him for me
michele and angel

emily and kevin griffin said...

i like hideous. where did he hear that? i can totally hear beej using "awkward".