Tuesday, November 17, 2009

cool air.

Maybe it would only be me who would be soo thankful for this. I love cool air. Not freezing, but cool. After our first summer here in Las Vegas (we survived!):), I am loving this mild, beautiful fall weather. Both Ben and I decided that fall, winter and spring MUST be beautiful after the summer they have here. There are just too many people here not to believe that! The changing of the seasons for me is always a time of renewal and excitement. One of looking forward and enjoying the activities of the current season. And that certainly is the case here. Thank you for coming, fall!


Nate and Jessica said...

Glad to know it's survivable. I am so ornery when I am hot. that means NATE is thankful for cool air too!

emily and kevin griffin said...

yay for seasons finally changing...almost December...:)