Tuesday, November 10, 2009

an education.

Early yesterday morning, Booker came into our room and asked, "Mom, is today school day?" "Yes," I told him and it was followed by an enthusiastic "Yeeeessssss, I get to go learn something new today!" I love that he loves school and loves to learn something new everyday. I am thankful today for my own education that I have recieved and for the new things I learn everyday. I'm also so appreciative of the hard work that I saw my husband put into his education every day. We were just talking this weekend how "in the moment" things just look hard and long and depressing sometimes, but when these moments pass so quickly and we look back and see just how lucky and blessed we are to be able to get such great education. I was taught from an early age how important an education is and how worth it, it is, to work hard for one. (I'm sure that has nothing to do with the fact that I had 2 educators as parents!):) And in fact, right now I am taking a design class from UNLV to spruce up and gain some new skills and I have never loved school more. I hope to pass on to my children what my parents passed on to me, and what Ben's parents passed on to him, and that even when learning has it's mundane moments that each of my children will still wake up each morning with a thirst to learn something new.


Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing so much.such an inspiration,godd to get to know you better.

Nate and Jessica said...

Hey Kiki, this is Nate! Just wanted to check out your blog...I hope the triathlon was fun (I have no doubt it was!) and that is so studly that you guys did that! Me and Jess might have to join you guys for another one next year. That computer you made for Booker is awesome!