Wednesday, November 18, 2009


The very first time I told Ben I liked him, it was on the phone. Chicken, I know. But in that conversation I couldn't help but think that the next morning I was going to feel like I had said something that I would for sure regret. I mean, really, when you tell someone you like them, you can never go back to being the same friends you were before, right! I woke up to go to work the next morning really early and quickly checked my email before I left and found this:
Dear Kiki,
Regrets? I hope not.
That email calmed all my fears that I had had the night before and made me like him even more!:) And of course things have worked out great. He has been everything and more than I ever imagined. Superdad, Superhusband, Superstudent, Superworker, Superson, get the picture...BUT through this he has also been Superfun, Supercrazy, Superloving, Supersupportive, Superpositive..well, you get the idea. I feel like everything I am most grateful for has come or been enhanced because of our marraige, our love, and our friendship. And for him I am so thankful..with no regrets.:)

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emily and kevin griffin said...

we love ben...:) we'll keep him around

Tod and Kim Comin said...

WOW! You two make a marvelous couple and complement each other in so many ways. BJ has a SUPERWIFE!

kerstin said...

I remember that night! Do you remember the blizzards and all the other junk food! Crazy how fast time has gone! :)