Monday, November 23, 2009

sufficiently busy.

I am so thankful to be BUSY! And with what? Well...
*Thanksgiving in Northern Nevada....check.
*cutting, sewing, gluing for craft fair.....check.
*christmas cards waiting to be done and sent...check.
*dessert for booker's thanksgiving party...check.
*logos and designs being thought up and drawn out....check.
3 kids excited with holiday spirit..check.
Yep, I am busy....and loving it!


Heather said...

I love it too. Can't wait to see your new logos and designs!

Anonymous said...

GEEZZZZZZZZZZZZ as if taking care of 3 kids is not enough!!
hope you have a great thanksgiving!!
love michele and angel

Anonymous said...

doesn't sound like you've got enough on your plate... need some more????

emily and kevin griffin said...

seriously...:) yep, you're pretty much amazing! i'm happy if i get three things done each day. way to be!