Saturday, November 7, 2009


TODAY i am here:
and no, not just watching, but am doing it! For the last 3 months, Ben and I have been busy training and training and never thought this moment would get here, but alas it came. coming into the race today i am grateful for:
*the love of running..especially when it feels good:)
*my love of saying "yes" when my head says "no". ha.
*full body wetsuits...ahhhhh, i'm a little scared about the swim
no, in all honesty, it has been so great training, and each and every day i have a great workout, i just cannot be more thankful for a healthy body that works. even when its hard and hurts, it works and for that i am thankful.
wish me luck. i may need it!:)


Anonymous said...

good luck to both of you,will be waiting to hear the results.
miss ya

Sarah Walton said...

Good luck you guys!!!

Anonymous said...