Saturday, December 26, 2009

december favorites: 1 of 3

What a busy month we have had. A fun-filled, crazy paced, family filled wonderful month and this is where it all started. We made a quick trip up to see my family at the beginning of December and had such a blast. Our days were filled with games, reading, movies, playing, eating, laughing, and wrestling.
Here is our serious game of UNO going on:

Definite snuggling took place:

Did we say wrestling?:

Showing grandma our reading skillz:

What a fun trip with so many fun memories. Thanks grandma and papa, meg, em and kev and sweet channing.
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Megan Melver said...

how come there is none with megan??

Anonymous said...

happy to see the smiles!!!
love ya
michele and angel

Megan Melver said...

i also love love love what finger booker uses to point with..hahahaha

Nate and Jessica said...

Oh my gosh! I used to do that same finger point! My friends always made fun of me.