Monday, December 28, 2009

december favorites: 2 0f 3

Before we headed off to San Diego for Christmas, we took in plenty of activities here in Vegas.
We had a good time going to Christmas parties. I think this season we saw a total of 4 santas. Booker got a little skeptical of this one, so he didn't go talk to him. Lincoln was super shy, but got up the courage to talk to him after the 3RD TIME of going up to him. Luckily this Santa was patient!

Watched this little girl go from a little spark plug one day:

to sicky girl the next day: (this is the first time she ever wore piggy tails. sooo cute!)

to totally sick the next. we took her in and it turns out she had pneumonia. poor, sweet girl.
here she had just eaten the ONLY thing she would eat all day..a smoothie and weirdly enough we thought she looked like hitler.:)
we saw booker put into plan his drawing he made. the box is a box full of styrofoam peanuts with a string attached...dumping on his dad. and it would have worked perfectly if lincoln hadn't pulled the string too early! I love how he brought this to me and said, "mom, let's do this" cute.
booker turned lincoln into a robot complete with a remote control. these two are too much!
and booker and ben had a "man date" to the las vegas bowl where BYU killed Oregon State. They had so much fun that I bet many more will follow.
Next up: Christmas Activities.
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Anonymous said...

sooo cute, a robot with blonde hair!!
sorry to hear about the little princess.hope all is well now.
great pic of ben and booker.
miss ya

Nate and Jessica said...

Oh poor sicky girl! I don't even know how it's possible, but do I see where you are coming from with the Hitler thing!

Kara said...

She looks SOOOOO sad! Even more sad than a baby who can't figure out how to get out of the hospital! Still think she looks JUST like Lincoln in girl form. When are you going to ship the boys out to meet Bexley?

Annie said...

Oh my goodness those pigtails are the cutest, and I love the Hitler stache. She is so cute, even when she's sick. Glad to see you had such a wonderful Christmas!