Thursday, December 31, 2009

december favorites 3 of 3

And finally, to end our december, we headed off to sunny San Diego to enjoy Christmas with Ben's family. It was so fun, so relaxing, so warm, and it was so good to be with so many friends and family.
We started off the week by decorating a gingerbread house. It didn't quite stick together, so we used a little tape. It worked like magic!:)

There were plenty of smiles...

and plenty of eating while we decorated. (and yes, we did this was mid 70's that day.)

Santa came that night with presents for EVERYONE. What a sweet Santa.

Lincoln was really excited for his turbo car. I love his face.
Then it was bedtime and when we woke up, Santa had definitely been there.... The boys both asked for the same things this year (surprise, surprise):
1. a razor scooter
2. a bakugun
3. a light saber sword
Well, Santa in all his wisdom thought that maybe a sword wouldn't be that great of an idea since he has seen how many swords we have thrown away in our house due to "accidental hittings".:)
But when Santa finished wrapping presents, there were a few cardboard tubes, so with a quick sharpie markers, Santa made up a few light sabers. As Ben and I went to bed on Christmas Eve, we always worry that Santa didn't bring enough, or that the kids won't be excited.
Christmas went down like this:
5:55 am. Booker comes in and informs us that Santa has been there and that he has checked out everything under the tree. Asks when he can open his presents.
5:57 am. Booker informs us that it is now five, five, seven.
5:59 am. Booker informs us it is now five, five, nine, and asks when Lincoln will wake up.
6:03. Booker reminds us of the time and reminds us that Santa had REALLY come, and that we needed to come and look.
as you can imagine, this happened EVERY few minutes until 6:23 am, when I couldn't handle it anymore, and we got up. We woke Lincoln and Maizie up and went to see what Santa had brought. Booker saw the cardboard tubes for the first time sitting there and started screaming..."yay, yay, yay, Lincoln look, santa brought us a light saber." Ben and I stopped worrying at that moment about our worries the night before...we figured if they loved cardboard tubes, then they certainly would love their presents!:)
Booker posing.
Lincoln so excited about his Bakugun.
A new book that all 3 were intrigued with.
We also had time to go to the park, to ride scooters, play boomerang, to run...
and of course to give kisses.
There was much bonding time...I mean resting time. :)
And of course a trip to San Diego wouldn't be complete without the water...
and sand.
What a fun trip and great way to finish out our year...well, we thought this was our last surprise until we found out we were getting two special visitors the day after we got home! We have been so blessed to live so close to both of our families and to be able to see them so often. Thanks Tod and Kim for the great vacation.

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Megan Melver said...

oooooooooo i'm so jealous of your 80 degree weather... cute pics... I LOVE THEM

Nate and Jessica said...

I have some loving and some hating feelings about sand...but Maizie definitely makes it look so fun. That weather is too fabulous...

Anonymous said...

ohhhh so cute.glad santa knew where the kids were.mazie is so dang gone cute,and the boys look great!!!!! some on the pics did not come thru [;
happy new year.
michele and angel

Kara said...

LOVE the picture of Ben and the boys!

ryan and berni said...

oh what a lovely warm christmas you had. i wish we could have been there with you! our kids need some time to go crazy together.

Melinda said...

I love that you taped the gingerbread house. So funny. I am really jealous we weren't there.