Monday, December 14, 2009

time to catch up.

here is quick recap of our last 3 weeks in 6 quick pictures:
thanksgiving: We went to good ol' Battle Mountain for our thanksgiving feast. We had such a great time and loved spending every moment with our family.
Craft Show: Yay! It's done. After every waking moment spent on sewing, cutting paper, sewing and did I say sewing?! What a fun and great experience it was!
Cute kids: everyday i am so thankful for them, for the joy they bring to my heart, and the smile they bring to my face.
New pj's: We always love getting packages in the mail. Thanks papa and grandma.
Maizie turns one!: what a sweet little lady..a fun day of presents, cake and celebrating our happy little girl.
gingerbread making party: We didn't have enough going on so we decided to have a quick play party for the kids and had so much fun making them!
Next to come: a quick recap of Maizie's birthday and a quick recap of our fast trip to seattle. Happy December everyone!:)
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Kara said...

Whoa, check out all of Maizie's hair! She still looks so much like lincoln to me. Can I please purchase the little white dress with the blue trim and super cute flowers. I don't care if someone bought it, you can call them and tell them to send it to me instead. Still can't believe our baby was born one year and one day after little Maizie!

Anonymous said...

ohhhhh so cute. missed your postings. can't beleive little ms blondie is about PRETTY IN PINK!!the boys look great, give them a hug from me

Gazdik Family said...

The craft show looks GREAT!! I can not beleive all the things you CREAT from your hands. They are not craft or art, they are true creations!! I can not beleive how cute Maizie is!!

emily and kevin griffin said...

glad you're here!

Nate and Jessica said...

Can we do gingerbread houses together next year?? And none of this graham cracker business...

The Teeples said...

How can I purchase a Kiki Comin original? So dang cute girl. Those cute kids of yours. That little Maizie with her hair getting longer is looking so much older now but those blue eyes still melt peoples hearts.

Happy Holidays.

ryan said...

Our kids are missing their causins for the holidays! Wish we could chill in San Diego with you guys and enjoy a warm and nothing-close-to-snow Christmas.

Kiki, I want to know more about the craft show, I didn't know anything about it! Love you and Merry Christmas!!

Ben- I hope you like your present, it had your name written all over it!

Ashli Clinger said...

Kiki you need to sell us some of that cute stuff here in Ohio. My little Rylee NEEDS a cute dress and some hair bows. You are so talented.