Tuesday, March 31, 2009

a new identity

we are all going through identities in our house like they are going out of style. the last 2 or 3 months i have gone by the name claire in our house..(thank you, alvin and the chipmunks)...and now i go by penny. why you may ask? because.....

BOLT now lives in our house. Bolt (yes, it is lincoln again) insists on doing all sorts of doggy things..playing fetch for long periods of time, wagging his tongue, barking, SUPER barking, licking, instead of kissing (it was nice on sunday when he licked my makeup off of my cheek during sacrament meeting!), telling me multiple times throughout every day, "penny, you are my hero" and "penny, you are a great friend" and my favorite? when he tells me he has to go pee, i always say, "okay, hurry up and get up there"...and his reply? "no, i have to go doggy pee-pee"...(talk about a scare!), luckily I don't think he knows how a dog goes pee yet, and hopefully won't while we are in this stage!:)

Friday, March 27, 2009

a little giggling

its so fun to see your baby grow and gain new skills...here is maizie and her little giggle. i missed the really good one she did, but this will have to do for now. she and her daddy have such sweet conversations together. ahhhh! she is growing up so fast!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Booker vs. Booker.

We got home from playing at a park today and Beej about killed over in laughter when he saw Booker. Let's just say he was a bit dirty. Like dirt in the underwear dirty. Like it looked like he raided some one's foundation and put way too much all over his face dirty. Like I didn't even recognize him dirty. He was dirty! After a few pictures, Beej looked at him and said, "You know what, he really looks like someone else." So with a quick flip to a black and white picture....

he quickly looked much more like....

the original Booker. Booker T. Washington that is. And weirdly enough, they actually share some resemblance. Look at their noses...weird. Well, that and their suit coats.:)

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Sunday, March 15, 2009

how we roll.

we roll in many different ways in our home.

booker walks on his toes like this:

Maizie tries walk on her toes like this:

and Lincoln....
well, he walks on his TOE like this..
OUCH! i'm telling you it really does look painful!
Crazy stuff, I'm telling you!
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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

6th file, 6th picture

here it is. i was tagged by cute kristin to look at the 6th folder in my pictures, the 6th picture and then blog about it and tag 6 people. so here's the story of my blurry picture.

this is booker when he was 1. obviously on the 4th of july. i am not much of a seamstress..well, a trained one, anyway. the night before (i have some weird crazy love for the fourth of july), i decided to make a little outfit for him, so each of those little red and white stripes were sewn, then cut into approximate shorts (they fit good enough!) and then i made a cape to go with it. it is NO WONDER why he dresses as cute as he does today. (see post below). and he ran and ran and loved to watch the cape fly behind him...talk about a tan little boy, huh!:) ahhh..such sweet memories. if you read this, then consider yourself tagged.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


So in addition to wearing either: an olive green suit coat OR a long red pirate coat


a fancy tie( ie. navy clip on tie with light blue stripes)

EVERYDAY! and i really do mean that...

he also:

has been very into "cooking" us things all day and night with his toys. Yep, you read that right, he "cooks" us up all kinds of delicacies with anything from Lego's to tambourines to stuffed letters..however, when they come up on the plate they are such things as spaghetti with chopped tomatoes, chocolate cake, etc. But his favorite thing to cook? He came up the other night yelling "Beej, i've just cooked you the best thing ever...you will just love it. I cooked you.....CHICKEN BUTTS!" Believe me, I had to taste that one too and it WAS delicious!
But, this afternoon, I was upstairs and he was all the way downstairs..and I heard him yelling at someone. I even went in to make sure Lincoln was still sleeping. And he was. "You are not doing it right!", he was saying, "I will never let you cook again." As you can imagine, I was pretty confused..so when he came upstairs I asked who he was talking to. "THE COOKS!", he replied. "They were not cooking my food right, so I got really mad at them." I LOVE BOOKER TO PIECES...because he plays with imaginary people. all. of. the. time. I can't wait to see who comes to my house next!:)
So look out next time you are invited to dinner at our house...cuz we will be servin' up some chicken butts here!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

dare taken.

So Jess found this. And I agree, it is difficult to find crazy fun things like that. However..the other night we had pancake night at our house and after making the first two giraffes for the boys, I started making the bear that lincoln requested, and when I looked down, found that the batter spread to make this:
a cute teddy bear flipping the bird. nice.
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Thursday, March 5, 2009

eye color

We have finally decided that Maizie's eyes are definitely.....




good night.

a more useful degree.

So many of my friends did things right in school, in other words, they got useful degrees. I have friends who are RN's, teachers, nurse practitioners, health majors..etc. I feel like I did things wrong. Having gone to school and getting a degree in art was great. It was enjoyable, challenging, and right up my alley. However, I got done with my degree and have stayed home with my children and felt totally unprepared for what was ahead.(this is an understatement!) You don't really realize just how much stay at home moms do until you are one. I realized quickly that my major in art was awesome, however the result of me picking up and pursuing it each day resulted in a LARGE mess, which is the one thing you are trying to clean up all day!:) At BYU there was a large group of girls who got a major in MFHD (marriage, family, human development) I think it is called Family Life now and many who joked saying this was the MRS. degree at BYU. And for those of you who got this degree, I was not one of those saying this! I feel they learned a lot more USEFUL things in this degree than what I did in mine. So in thinking about what the perfect degree would have been in my situation, I came up with a few classes that sounded perfect.
and for names sake, we will just call it what it is...the USEFUL degree:
*Business Management-because as a mom, you are a CEO
*Child Psychology- why do they think and do what they are thinking and doing when they do it!
*Communications-enough said.
*Early Childhood Education
*Interior Design
*Negotiation-this is a skill that i am NO good at, that i wish i was a master at!
*Nursing-to know medically what to do when something comes up
*Pain Management- the psychology behind pain in both adults and children!
*Stress Management
*Time Management
Now hopefully no one takes this as a cry for help or thinks I don't enjoy being a stay at home mom, for there could be nothing further from the truth. I enjoy staying home so much. I have learned SO much through trial and error and trying again! I do like to think of some classes that could have helped out to make the trial and error a little easier! Can you think of any other classes you wish you would have taken?

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

lincoln blinkon

2 has been a semi-hard (okay, who am i kidding, COMPLETELY HARD) year for me mothering Lincoln. He is becoming so independent, so rambunctious, so opinionated, but has kept his lovable, laughable self as well. Here are a few things I don't ever want to forget about him this year:

*his words: Bookah, "ahhh, maiiiiizie gwace", "mooooooom, i'm doooooone", "but mom, i'm just a kid", yougwewt (yougurt), "i don't want to do ________ EVUH(ever)!", "i wuv you, momma.", "hey dave!"

*his favorite foods- yogurt (of any kind), nuts, pepperoni pizza (will ONLY eat pepperoni pizza), cheese, circle bread (bagels), chicken naggnets (nuggets) and of course ANY treat i may happen to come upon.

*his favorite activities- singing, wrestling with dad, chasing and being chased by booker, playing his alphabet computer game, coloring in nursery, going on walks, riding his "scootah", dressing up.

*accomplishments this year- potty trained in 2 weeks, with only a few accidents :)...such a different experience than booker!:), excellent big brother, coloring a picture with more than one color, learned to use a mouse so he could play computer games like his big brother, memorized SO many songs!

*favorite songs: "The Show" by lenka, "I Want To Be A Missionary Now", "How Firm A Foundation", "Bad Day" by Daniel Powter (but he loves the version by the chipmunks), "Christmas Don't Be Late" by the chipmunks.

*His phases: Chipmunk galore!, Huzz (Buzz) Lightyear, Pirates, Pirates, Pirates!, coloring on himself with markers...even a sharpie!

i will love this sweet hearted child to pieces everyday of my life and beyond, but am so happy that he turns 3 in 2 months! he really does have such a gentle and kind hearted spirit mixed with a determination and stubbornness of steel! i love you, lincoln!:)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

my new name.

the last few weeks lincoln has been in another world....this world:

so here how it goes...simon (lincoln) wakes up and calls out for alvin (booker). they run into our room yelling, "dave (ben), simon has to go to the bathroom." and when that is all done, he runs back into our room and says, "hi claire (me), good morning." and the cutest thing ever is that when he says claire...it sounds like queer. so cute. maybe as cute as him calling maizie theodore.

fyi: dave is the adopted dad of the chipmunks and claire is his HOT girlfriend. perfect fit!:)