Tuesday, June 30, 2009

sweet, silly, innocent booker.

yep, booker has done it again. last night while in the pool there were 4 kids playing, my two little white haired boys and 2 cute little black girls. eventually, they all ended up playing together and the playing commenced into a rousing game of "i spy". the older girl was the one coming up with the clues and booker was the one guessing and this is how it all went down:

girl: i spy with my little eyes something green.
booker: the palm tree?
girl: yeeeees, oooh, you are good.

girl: i spy with my little eyes something white.
booker: the building?
girl: greeeeat job.

girl: i spy with my little eyes something brown.
booker: you?
girl: me? i am not brown. look at this skin,(pointing at her arm)this skin is black! boy, can't you see this skin is black? look at that boy over there..(points at a 20 year old asian boy sun bathing)that boy is brown, I AM BLACK!

sorry to say, but my boy has been told! he is a hot mess if you know what i'm sayin!:)

Wild Animal Park

While in San Diego, we did so many fun things. One day we made our way out to the Wild Animal Park, and the kids could not have been happier.
I thought this was such a sweet picture of the boys and as I went back and looked at my pictures from the day, found a lot of them were of the back of their head because they wouldn't ever look at me...those animals were WAY cooler to look at!:)

This is how Maizie started her day out:

Where we couldn't see the animals up close, Booker found a telescope and saw..

lots of giraffes, and even more baby giraffes,

some impressive rhinos,
and of course, zebras, and gazelles.
It was so nice spending some quality time with grandma and climbing up and down hills all day.
They even had a fun dinosaur exhibit there right now and the boys were in HEAVEN.

Booker gave the exhibit one thumb up...
actually, let's make that two thumbs up.
and Lincoln, well, he sat and looked at these dinosaurs for about 10 minutes all by himself.
Then it was off to play dinosaurs,
and color dinosaurs. (don't you love how Lincoln's face is the same in these two pics)
All while Maizie caught some z's.
It wasn't 3 minutes after getting into the car that both boys were fast asleep...AHHHH, the joys of the Wild Animal Park.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

a beach story.

A short time ago, in a far away ocean, played 2 happy little boys with their uncle. They swam and jumped and laughed and screamed until....

they got tired and really cold.

A sweet and beautiful princess watched them from afar as they decided that the water wasn't so bad and so they played and played some more until....

the sweet call of fire and sugar called to them.

After getting their sugar ready...
they torched it,(rather seriously, i might add)
then consumed it with joy.
Well, Lincoln consumed it with joy...
while Booker just got mad that I kept taking pictures of him...
and Maizie waited patiently for the ride home.
And then they all slept happily ever after.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

what can really fit?

This weekend I tried to find something in my bag. I couldn't find it.(and I know that will come as no shock to Beej.) So I decided to clean it out and see just what WAS in my mighty Mary Poppin bag....
hairbows, necklaces, headbands, diapers, a whale, a fake cell phone, thank you notes(really thank you Jess, Cara, and Elizabeth all the way back to my baby shower(what a horrible friend I am!), 2 different bags of snacks, keychains, cd from a kids meal, family photo cd, checkbook, wallet, many pens, assorted papers, cards and envelopes, empty treat bags, nursing cover, 3 different sunscreens, some brainstorming ideas for a new "top secret" project, wipes, gum, and a piece of my stroller that i need to adhere back onto my stroller. and sadly enough, that isn't counting the trash. yuck.

I have such a hard time keeping my bag clean and organized and would love to say that this much will never be found in my bag again, but I know what happens and in another month, will be cleaning it out again.
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Sunday, June 21, 2009

happy dad's day.

We love our dad because....
He is a bigger kid than his own,
He loves and cares for us,
He wrestles and has so much fun with us,
He loves to create memories with us,
He is always there,
and knows how important his job is.
and because he takes his job seriously, we really think we have the best one in the world.
we love you, dad. happy father's day!
love, booker, lincoln and maizie
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enjoying san diego

we are SO enjoying our stay here in San Diego. Here's the proof:

Then again, who wouldn't enjoy the beach!
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Friday, June 19, 2009

the las vegas pirate.

The boys found their costume box. All of a sudden, our house has become alive with pirates, the beds have again become ships, the carpet is now water, and all who enter may be the next enemy. And the boys couldn't be cuter. Booker is back to wearing his red coat, black pirate had and a new tie every day. Lincoln has made his own requests...this is what he prefers:

Pretty serious pirate, if you ask me.
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Thursday, June 18, 2009


So in our apartment, the boys have loved taking bubble baths in the master bathroom because the bathtub is so big and the bubbles tend to get really big in it. I also just got a new computer program to learn and design things on and was designing a logo the other day when I heard the bath water still running....AHHHHH...i had accidentally forgotten to turn off the water to Lincoln's bath and he is totally one who always wants as much water as possible. I was yelling "no, no, no, no, no" on my way into the bathroom and when I got there this is what I found:
If you could see the whole tub, you would see the water teetering on the edge of just spilling out. I GOT SO LUCKY. And believe it or not, Lincoln got upset when I turned off the water!:)
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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

good advertising?

We are visiting my in-laws right now in San Diego, and when leaving on a run this morning, I saw this sweet van sitting outside their house:
when examining a little closer wondered if this was the best advertising they could do?
So, if you want an EXPERIENDED tutor, you know the number to call!:)
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Thursday, June 11, 2009

pool time.

Why it's ALWAYS funner to have dad at the pool with us:



Yesterday we were at the pool again, and Booker asked me to throw him, so I did and all he said was, "Mom, you don't throw me good like dad.":) Who can beat that?!
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