Saturday, January 30, 2010

lovely emails.

i got this cute email this morning in my inbox:

if you are missing the COLD of O H I O , i will be happy to send some. we are at 11 deg this AM. but at least we do not have the snow and ice that some of the country is having.

dear michele,
i actually am NOT missing the cold, and just got back from my morning run in shorts and a sweatshirt..and was HOT! can't beat that in the middle of the winter!

dear our friends in cold weather,
if you are ever feeling the need to get to warmer weather, feel free to come and visit. i can't promise swimming pool weather, yet, but give us another month and a half and i bet we will be close!:)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

some cuteness.

I love cuteness in ALL forms in my life.

I love my CUTE clone trooper boys..
I love my CUTE smiling, teething baby girl.
I love that my CUTE boy worked on Booker's Transformer for an hour just so he knew how to do it!
And I just LOVE making cute any form. This one happened to be for our New Beginnings night for Young Women's. This made it REALLY simple to make! love that.:)
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Sunday, January 24, 2010


So Ben ended up having 2 parties for his birthday....

This was his cake the first night...
And THIS was his cake the second night...
quite a change!
yum, yum, yum...and very bad for you!
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Thursday, January 21, 2010

the last one.

The best decision of my life...hands down, happened this day.

And so, as I close out our 30 posts for a 30 year old today, you may be able to see why it should be called 30 posts for an incredible 30 year old. I am so happy to have had so many guest bloggers today (thank you, thank you!), and think it just made my case in point to what a great man that I married. You didn't just have to listen to me go on and on, but could hear it from many. 30 years old is just the beginning.. I can't see what the next 30 have in store for you!

Happy, Happy Birthday to you!


I've been thinking about a variety of experiences that BJ and I had during several months of overlap in Mira Mesa between his return from the mission and heading off to Utah for school. He was good enough to train with me in 2000 for the Camp Pendleton Mud Run as I recovered from knee surgery. I'm sure BJ wasn't challenged much by the pace early on, but I have fond memories of our talks during runs in Penasquitos Canyon.

The experience I really want to share is indicative of his willingness to serve. BJ accepted a calling to serve as my counselor in EQ even though we knew he would eventually move to Utah. One night I received a phone call from a brother that I home taught asking for a priesthood blessing. It was late and last minute, but I knew BJ would be willing to join me. The brother had suffered a seizure and had severely injured his tongue which was swollen such that he could barely speak. He had been asked to speak at a funeral for a relative the very next morning and wanted to do everything in his power to keep his commitment for he felt the need to share his testimony. BJ and I administered the priesthood blessing. Later, the man recounted that people tried to talk him out of giving the funeral address that morning because it was clear that he could not do so. However, when he stood and walked to the podium, his "tongue was loosed" and he was able to speak and deliver his address. This good, faithful brother recounted this story to me in tears. "Is any sick among you? Let him call for the elders..." (James 5:14). I am grateful for BJ's willingness to serve the Lord, for his friendship and brotherhood in the gospel.
Happy Birthday, bro!

Jason Griffin

good ol times

remember these:

*the broken Jesus bust in sacrament meeting
*the singing talk
*spider spray
*hammering a nail into our wall at 1 in the morning, and the subsequent phone call from our neighbor
*booker's delivery room nurse "oh by the way, have you..." experience
*burt and mary poppins
*the osu scavenger hunt nascar race

too many things to smile about. and remember.


Hey Beeje Louigee -

I know that I am your "most favorite aunt" and yes, I know that I deserve that title, but really? Do you have to put me on such a pedestal? It's a lot for a gal to have to live up too. It also make the other aunts feel bad(but my therapist says that "we are not responsible for the way others feel" so I guess it's not our problem anyway!). You have been a little yum yum since you were little. I have enjoyed watching you grow up with your toe head blond hair and your chubby cheeks. Your stitches and scars, baseball games in the HOT sun, your speedo's through water polos(never did get used to that), playing with fire when Marriner happened to be tending, obviously your fashion sense and your sweet, sweet baby blues! You have always been such a gentle, fun loving person. You were always kind and still are today. I am very proud of the man you turned out to be, I am sure I had a hand in that somewhere. You are a good father and loving husband(from what I hear). I love you and hope you enjoy this little milestone birthday. Wait until you are MY age - that's when the fun really begins. You may even start looking like your dad...EVEN MORE!! Ha!

Love -your FAVORITE Auntie Care

The Griffin Family i think i've been around BJ more than any other family member on our side of the family. so i have a list of funny memories about BJ: not all of them directly included me, but nonetheless, were memorable.

1. BJ calling every night while they were dating from San Diego from his roof because his family was renovating his house and they didn't have much privacy

2. BJ coming to get me at the dorms, in the saturn, so i could hang out with them

3. Getting mad at me for cleaning their house and folding his laundry while kiki was pregnant with Booker

4. laughing at my boy stories and saying, "Drama, Drama" while shaking his head

5. being the designated spider killer at their first basement apartment in Provo, and calling the Spider World woman and making fun of her for saying in a breathy voice, "Thank you for calling Spider World, how may i help you", and then having her get mad and chew him out...or maybe that was kiki...

6. working Loss and Prevention and hiding from kiki at night with black eyes and scratches from being attacked by people trying to steal stuff and get away

7. catching kevin and i kissing in the driveway, and waving awkwardly, and walking back inside, totally embarrassed

8. watching the newer Pride and Prejudice together for the first time, and in the opening scene where it shows the scenery at sunrise with the birds chirping, BJ announcing, "Oh, this will be a great movie!"....seriously...:)

9. BJ's stinky princess theory stories

10. BJ chucking his kids across the room onto the couch...resulting in the fearless Booker and Lincoln

11. he has to have dessert after every meal

12. the only other person in the family who appreciates the wonderfulness of reggae

13. owns the most political books i've ever seen

14. always willing to help and be nice and laugh at whatever stupid stories we tell him

15. always takes great care of his family and puts them first, and works hard, and has accomplished so much

thanks for being a part of our family! happy birthday!

love Kevin, Emily and Channing


how old is daddy? 15
what is the best thing daddy does? ummm.. work.
what does daddy love to do? play hide and go seek
what do you like to do with daddy?wrestle and get tickled and play with him
why do you love daddy so much?because he is my best daddy ever.
love, lincoln


Some of the great memories in life, I think, are those when your children are born. In my life with Ben, this has been no exception. He has always been the supportive, sympathetic type. Thank goodness.
When Booker was born, labor was difficult and long. Booker's heart rate would dip and I could see concern on Ben's face...even though he tried not to show it. I had tried to do a natural birth with Booker and so the contractions were extremely hard to get through for the first while...he would coach me and count for me and help me take my mind off of it however he could. Once I got the epidural his role turned into one of just supporter. When he saw Booker for the first time, his eyes welled with tears. He couldn't stop staring at him and smiling.
When Lincoln was born it was a totally different labor. I had a midwife who coached my contractions and so again, Ben was my #1 support. He was much more confident with this experience the 2nd time around and this time, helped me so much when I was pushing Lincoln out. He again, got sweet tears in his eyes when Lincoln was born, and just couldn't stop touching him and rubbing his little hands and tummy.
When Maizie was born, Ben was studying every second he could (because he had a final the next day). That didn't stop him though, from offering his laptop to watch 3 seasons of the Office while we waited. Let's just say that not too much studying got done DURING labor, but what a fun memory. When Maizie came out, Ben had never been so smitten in his life. He would not put her down. And still won't.
These memories are still so clear in my mind. I love experiencing difficult things together where we help each other reach goals. I appreciate having him cheer me on in the seemingly impossible feats of life and love having him there when we accomplish them together.

Grandma Lynn

Dear BJ:

Are you only 30??!! It seems like you have been in my life forever! Maybe I am remembering a time in our far-away past. Beej: You have always been one of my most favorite people. Those summer months you spent with me -- when all we did was PLAY are my own best memories!Thank you for who you were, who you are, and who you will become. Wherever I go in the future (and I will be SOMEWHERE) I'll peek in on you and yours and rejoice in your accomplishments. Happy 30th Birthday. I love you so much.



I have two stories about BJ that I would like to share. The first on took place in the delivery room when Booker was working his way out to greet the world. Kiki was struggling and did not have an epidural yet. She was in a great deal of pain and not feeling really cordial. BJ was hurting for her and was looking for ways to ease the pain. In his dearest, most compassionate voice he found the outfit that Booker would be coming home in and held them up to her face. I believe she was in the middle of a big contraction. He said something like " look Kiki, this is all worth it, this is what our new baby will wear really soon". I understood his intent and it was done for all the right reasons. I think Kiki grimaced, finished the contraction and ignored his comment. I was thinking while this was going on, I hope Kiki doesn't let him have it. She restrained herself. The frustration he felt by not being able to make it okay and was very compassionate. Soon after, the epidural arrived and the experience completely changed.

This second episode happened in Utah when they lived at the storage units. It was Christmas, Toby and his family, Megan, Emily, and John and I were at their home. Now this was a great house for Kiki, BJ and Booker but when we added 8 more people plus a kid who was proposing to Emily you can only imagine how smashed were were. BJ accepted this as normal, although I know his real feelings were not normal at that point. The boyfriend came, proposed and stayed at the house also. We had a great dinner. But early in the morning the upset stomachs and intestional tracts began to erupt. Thank heavens there were 2 bathrooms however at least 7-8 of us ended up with the flu. We were laying all over the house feeling horrible. I don't think there were many places to walk. I believe this was his first introduction to our family. Josh and Kristin had not made the trip thank goodness. Through this ordeal BJ remained calm, collected and acted like this was nothing. I'm certain when we all left he was hoping to never repeat the "family" experience again.

We love you BJ.

a name.

I love looking at Ben's name when written out. Benjamin J. Comin, Esquire. There are so many things that I am proud of in Ben's life, one being his graduating from law school and passing the bar. Ben was always busy, busy, busy during law school, and didn't get to spend as much time as he would have liked doing extracurricular law school activities, but because he was always worried about spending enough time with his family. Once he finished law school, he then had the task of working full-time and study the rest of the time for the bar. What a crazy time it was, but as I look back, I think of it as a fond memory because he completed yet another great goal in his life. No matter what his name says, and what is written behind it, to me the greatest thing that could be written is Benjamin J. Comin, Husband and Father..and that is worth more than anything to me.


Ben is, from my experience, a perfect mixture of serious and fun loving. Ben really knows how to throw a party and the Halloween extravaganzas at the Comin's were a highlight of our social calendar. I can't say much about those parties because, as we used to remind each other, "What happens at the Comin's house, stays at the Comin house." I can say, though, that I have never been so surprised as I was in 2008. I was dressed as Paulie Bleeker and Ellie as Juno. I entered the Halloween party to see that Barack Obama was to be in attendance! I was sorely disappointed to learn that this was, in reality, just Ben, in a stunningly realistic (yet tasteful) costume. There is also, however, the serious side of Ben. When Ben lived in Columbus, I used to love talking about ideas with him. He was thoughtful, reasonable, and fair minded. He seemed to genuinely care about what was happening in the world, and he stood ready to lend a hand to make it better, when necessary. He was a fine friend and we really miss him in Ohio. Long live Ben Comin!


der dad,
i luv yu as a dad becuz yu r osum. yu giv good hugs. yu play with me. yu ar the best dad in the wurld.


I have many memories about BJ. Some of which come from the trouble caused between seminary and school. I would never have guessed that so much could happen in such a short time. For example, the drive by doughnuting and soap in the school courtyard fountain. Beyond the memories, is the person BJ was while we were young and continues to be today. I remember gaining the courage to bear my testimony of the restored Gospel after BJ would share his. He has the courage to stand for what he believes in. It is his natural ability to be a true friend. He never failed to stand up for me when I was in need. BJ simply living his life helped a young friend develop a testimony.
Tyler Fox


It doesn't matter if he is given a month's notice. A weeks notice. Even a minutes notice (and I have seen this one on numerous occasions). He always reacts the same. With gratitude to be able to serve whenever and however he can. Nothing makes me happier than to see him do this. He has many great examples of this in his immediate family. Which is why I say that the apple does not fall from the tree. And in this case, that is a very good thing. Because I know his kids are watching him, and will hopefully have the same ferver for service when they grow up.



Now if you want something really funny and hilarious I could get into Beej’s golf swing, but that is a story for another day. Maybe B-day #35!!

Today, I want to write about the wonderful 2383 mile trip BJ and I shared in 2006 when we made the cross country trek to Columbus for law school.We had had the pleasure of having BJ, Kiki, and Booker stay with us for several months after their graduation from BYU and the addition of Lincoln John to the family during their stay in Seattle.

We made the trip in 2 and a half days driving a filled to the capacity Penske truck while pulling the Galant on a trailer behind. Though they recommended 55 mph, the Penske sometimes even touched the ground as we cruised eastward at an average 78 MPH! We were quite a sight! We were real truckers!!

I enjoyed BJ’s company and wit as we put in 900+ miles per day through the likes of beautiful downtown Burley, Idaho, Laramie, Wyoming (home of the Cowpokes) and picturesque Peoria, Illinois.One of the highlights was buying Beej his first Midwest corn fed steak in Hastings, Nebraska. I don’t think he believed me when I told him you could cut your steak with a butter knife!

The one thing we were able to testify at the end of our expedition was that there is a whole lot of corn grown along the way!We worried about going over 8,000 foot passes and windy roads, but we didn’t have one problem over the three days until we got 50 miles out of Columbus, with serious cases of TB (tired butts) and the tire on the car transporter blew out on Highway 70. Of course it was 98 degrees, with about 210% humidity, but we could see our destination in sight and we were only slowed for an hour or two. We were feeling right at home as 2 million cars and trucks passed by us at Mach 4 speeds giving us a whopping 6-12 inches of clearance as they cruised by.

Seriously, I have been so pleased to have BJ as a son-in-law. He is a terrific father, husband, and golfing companion. I am just not sure which order I need to put those three occupations in!!Have a great 30th birthday and please stay away from the perm aisle at Target. It would really cut down on the glare in Vegas, but just might not be your best look Beej!

Papa John (No, the other one)


Happy Birthday Ben,

Hey, I wish we could be there to celebrate with you guys. Thirty years old, that's crazy. Well I was trying to think of a specific great memory or story to share about Ben for his Birthday, but there are just too many. So, I thought I would mention a few of my favorites: I will never forget our weekly Buffalo Wild Wings runs, Obama, the Hypnotist Show, our many Car Pool discussion about The Office and LOST. I will definitely miss having someone to talk to about LOST because no one else follows it quite like Ben and I do. I also wanted to mention that Ben is one of the most honest, caring, fun, and easy to get along with guys I know. He is a great person to have as a friend, so if he is not your friend yet you better get on it. He is also a good example to me of how to be a great father and husband. We miss you guys and we hope you have an awesome birthday.

Landon, Kara, and Bexley

The Woods Family

I asked a few family members what they had to say about Benjamin Comin and I was so touched at their answers. Obviously Ben is a very rich man for he has the highest esteem and admiration of those that know him best. Addie immediately shared an indelible memory with Ben. When she was just three or four years old she was playing in the backyard of Grandma Lynn’s house. A big metal table tipped over onto her little finger and crushed it badly. She remembers BJ grabbing her up in his arms and rushing her inside for help. She said that BJ has always been the kindest cousin to her. She admires him greatly. When Fred responded I couldn’t believe the flow of compliments and adulations that came forth! He feels that Ben has always been very teachable, upright, honorable, gentle and kind (to name a few). Ben has always been respectful and gracious. In short, our whole family loves and admires Ben very much. We are all in agreement. Happiest Birthday Ben! You have done amazing things and you are an amazing man!!!

Love, the Whole Woods Clan


One thing I learned from the beginning of knowing Ben..and yes, this was a long time before we were dating is that he is a dedicated person. No matter what the situation he is in, if he is in, he is in 150%.
When I knew him as a missionary, our zone was going caroling to an old folks home on Christmas day, and the Assistants decided to come along as well. After we had finished singing to one group, we were looking for another room to sing to, and we came around the corner to see Ben knelt down by an elderly lady who was blind, I believe, and she only spoke Spanish. He was talking to her and comforting her, and then suggested we sing to her as well. You could tell by the look of her countenance as we left that her soul had been lifted.
And this was before we really knew each other very well. And now that I do know him, I see that this is just who he comes naturally. And I adore it.


Hi! This is Maizie, here to tell you about my #1 biggest fan.

Umm...he loves me...

like NO ONE else does..

Even when I act like a certain animal..

or squeeze his neck with my jumbo thighs..

He just smiles.

He works super hard....

always with a smile..

He sings to me..

always tries to make me laugh....

and hugs me like I am the best daughter in the world.

I guess that's why I think he is the best dad in the world.