Thursday, January 21, 2010


Ben is, from my experience, a perfect mixture of serious and fun loving. Ben really knows how to throw a party and the Halloween extravaganzas at the Comin's were a highlight of our social calendar. I can't say much about those parties because, as we used to remind each other, "What happens at the Comin's house, stays at the Comin house." I can say, though, that I have never been so surprised as I was in 2008. I was dressed as Paulie Bleeker and Ellie as Juno. I entered the Halloween party to see that Barack Obama was to be in attendance! I was sorely disappointed to learn that this was, in reality, just Ben, in a stunningly realistic (yet tasteful) costume. There is also, however, the serious side of Ben. When Ben lived in Columbus, I used to love talking about ideas with him. He was thoughtful, reasonable, and fair minded. He seemed to genuinely care about what was happening in the world, and he stood ready to lend a hand to make it better, when necessary. He was a fine friend and we really miss him in Ohio. Long live Ben Comin!

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Ben C. said...

Bryan, thanks for the nice note. We sure miss you guys.