Saturday, January 16, 2010

cardmaking class

A week ago I was asked to teach a cardmaking class at a combined Relief Society and Young Women activity. Getting things together for 32 people making 2 cards each (yep, that 64 cards) was a bit daunting, but it went off without a hitch..other than I was sicker than a dog and had lost my voice by the time I finished teaching the class. Otherwise..I think I could really enjoy doing that once in a while! And my class was completely cards left over and I had to give away the ones I made!

Funny moment of the night...One of the mom's let her little 3 year old do one of her cards for her and this is what she came up with:
what I love it the way the brads stuck straight out from the card. These are some of our good friends...when I saw this, I told her it was a perfect card to go and put on her daddy's pillow!
Ow! That would hurt!
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Stamp4Joy said...

Congrats on your successful cardmaking class. The little girl has talent! :-) By the way, your kids are so adorable!