Thursday, January 21, 2010


Hey Beeje Louigee -

I know that I am your "most favorite aunt" and yes, I know that I deserve that title, but really? Do you have to put me on such a pedestal? It's a lot for a gal to have to live up too. It also make the other aunts feel bad(but my therapist says that "we are not responsible for the way others feel" so I guess it's not our problem anyway!). You have been a little yum yum since you were little. I have enjoyed watching you grow up with your toe head blond hair and your chubby cheeks. Your stitches and scars, baseball games in the HOT sun, your speedo's through water polos(never did get used to that), playing with fire when Marriner happened to be tending, obviously your fashion sense and your sweet, sweet baby blues! You have always been such a gentle, fun loving person. You were always kind and still are today. I am very proud of the man you turned out to be, I am sure I had a hand in that somewhere. You are a good father and loving husband(from what I hear). I love you and hope you enjoy this little milestone birthday. Wait until you are MY age - that's when the fun really begins. You may even start looking like your dad...EVEN MORE!! Ha!

Love -your FAVORITE Auntie Care

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Ben C. said...

Really? What did you do, go and ask my mom for the most embarrassing picture she could find? I mean really. That is awful. I don't even think that is me. That dude is way to ugly, way to skinny, has way too much hair, and way to much brace-face to be me. Thanks for the note Care. I love you.