Thursday, January 21, 2010


One thing I learned from the beginning of knowing Ben..and yes, this was a long time before we were dating is that he is a dedicated person. No matter what the situation he is in, if he is in, he is in 150%.
When I knew him as a missionary, our zone was going caroling to an old folks home on Christmas day, and the Assistants decided to come along as well. After we had finished singing to one group, we were looking for another room to sing to, and we came around the corner to see Ben knelt down by an elderly lady who was blind, I believe, and she only spoke Spanish. He was talking to her and comforting her, and then suggested we sing to her as well. You could tell by the look of her countenance as we left that her soul had been lifted.
And this was before we really knew each other very well. And now that I do know him, I see that this is just who he comes naturally. And I adore it.

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