Thursday, January 21, 2010

fun? or serious.

One thing I have always loved about Ben is his ability to have FUN a lot of the time. Sometimes he wonders if people see him as a serious person or as a fun person. I would say that I know him as both, but his FUN by far outweighs his seriousness. His smile is infectious and seriously when he comes home everyday the kids RUN to him because he is home. Here is some proof:

yes, he is throwing this at me..and yes, i did drop the camera. whoops.

our neighbors upstairs gave the kids a new rocking toy and let's just say they were not the only ones who tried it!:)

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Ben C. said...

There's one picture in there that looks like I'm abusing Booker with a stick. It was actually a pretend sword and I was going to pretend cut his head off. Nothing violent or anything. I just wanted to clear that up.