Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Griffin Family i think i've been around BJ more than any other family member on our side of the family. so i have a list of funny memories about BJ: not all of them directly included me, but nonetheless, were memorable.

1. BJ calling every night while they were dating from San Diego from his roof because his family was renovating his house and they didn't have much privacy

2. BJ coming to get me at the dorms, in the saturn, so i could hang out with them

3. Getting mad at me for cleaning their house and folding his laundry while kiki was pregnant with Booker

4. laughing at my boy stories and saying, "Drama, Drama" while shaking his head

5. being the designated spider killer at their first basement apartment in Provo, and calling the Spider World woman and making fun of her for saying in a breathy voice, "Thank you for calling Spider World, how may i help you", and then having her get mad and chew him out...or maybe that was kiki...

6. working Loss and Prevention and hiding from kiki at night with black eyes and scratches from being attacked by people trying to steal stuff and get away

7. catching kevin and i kissing in the driveway, and waving awkwardly, and walking back inside, totally embarrassed

8. watching the newer Pride and Prejudice together for the first time, and in the opening scene where it shows the scenery at sunrise with the birds chirping, BJ announcing, "Oh, this will be a great movie!"....seriously...:)

9. BJ's stinky princess theory stories

10. BJ chucking his kids across the room onto the couch...resulting in the fearless Booker and Lincoln

11. he has to have dessert after every meal

12. the only other person in the family who appreciates the wonderfulness of reggae

13. owns the most political books i've ever seen

14. always willing to help and be nice and laugh at whatever stupid stories we tell him

15. always takes great care of his family and puts them first, and works hard, and has accomplished so much

thanks for being a part of our family! happy birthday!

love Kevin, Emily and Channing

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Ben C. said...

I didn't get mad at you for folding my laundry. Well...maybe for folding my unmentionables. But I think I'm entitled to that! Thanks for the nice note em and kev.