Thursday, January 21, 2010


Happy Birthday Ben,

Hey, I wish we could be there to celebrate with you guys. Thirty years old, that's crazy. Well I was trying to think of a specific great memory or story to share about Ben for his Birthday, but there are just too many. So, I thought I would mention a few of my favorites: I will never forget our weekly Buffalo Wild Wings runs, Obama, the Hypnotist Show, our many Car Pool discussion about The Office and LOST. I will definitely miss having someone to talk to about LOST because no one else follows it quite like Ben and I do. I also wanted to mention that Ben is one of the most honest, caring, fun, and easy to get along with guys I know. He is a great person to have as a friend, so if he is not your friend yet you better get on it. He is also a good example to me of how to be a great father and husband. We miss you guys and we hope you have an awesome birthday.

Landon, Kara, and Bexley

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Ben C. said...

Thanks Landon. I miss our weekly Buffalo Wild Wings ritual. I have one right down the street now but somehow it just isn't the same. I also miss playing football. I'm getting fat in my old age.