Thursday, January 21, 2010


I've been thinking about a variety of experiences that BJ and I had during several months of overlap in Mira Mesa between his return from the mission and heading off to Utah for school. He was good enough to train with me in 2000 for the Camp Pendleton Mud Run as I recovered from knee surgery. I'm sure BJ wasn't challenged much by the pace early on, but I have fond memories of our talks during runs in Penasquitos Canyon.

The experience I really want to share is indicative of his willingness to serve. BJ accepted a calling to serve as my counselor in EQ even though we knew he would eventually move to Utah. One night I received a phone call from a brother that I home taught asking for a priesthood blessing. It was late and last minute, but I knew BJ would be willing to join me. The brother had suffered a seizure and had severely injured his tongue which was swollen such that he could barely speak. He had been asked to speak at a funeral for a relative the very next morning and wanted to do everything in his power to keep his commitment for he felt the need to share his testimony. BJ and I administered the priesthood blessing. Later, the man recounted that people tried to talk him out of giving the funeral address that morning because it was clear that he could not do so. However, when he stood and walked to the podium, his "tongue was loosed" and he was able to speak and deliver his address. This good, faithful brother recounted this story to me in tears. "Is any sick among you? Let him call for the elders..." (James 5:14). I am grateful for BJ's willingness to serve the Lord, for his friendship and brotherhood in the gospel.
Happy Birthday, bro!

Jason Griffin

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Ben C. said...

Jason, it's good to hear from you. Thanks for you nice comments. It was really a pleasure serving with you. I learned so much during that short time and still feel bad for abandoning you.