Thursday, January 21, 2010



Now if you want something really funny and hilarious I could get into Beej’s golf swing, but that is a story for another day. Maybe B-day #35!!

Today, I want to write about the wonderful 2383 mile trip BJ and I shared in 2006 when we made the cross country trek to Columbus for law school.We had had the pleasure of having BJ, Kiki, and Booker stay with us for several months after their graduation from BYU and the addition of Lincoln John to the family during their stay in Seattle.

We made the trip in 2 and a half days driving a filled to the capacity Penske truck while pulling the Galant on a trailer behind. Though they recommended 55 mph, the Penske sometimes even touched the ground as we cruised eastward at an average 78 MPH! We were quite a sight! We were real truckers!!

I enjoyed BJ’s company and wit as we put in 900+ miles per day through the likes of beautiful downtown Burley, Idaho, Laramie, Wyoming (home of the Cowpokes) and picturesque Peoria, Illinois.One of the highlights was buying Beej his first Midwest corn fed steak in Hastings, Nebraska. I don’t think he believed me when I told him you could cut your steak with a butter knife!

The one thing we were able to testify at the end of our expedition was that there is a whole lot of corn grown along the way!We worried about going over 8,000 foot passes and windy roads, but we didn’t have one problem over the three days until we got 50 miles out of Columbus, with serious cases of TB (tired butts) and the tire on the car transporter blew out on Highway 70. Of course it was 98 degrees, with about 210% humidity, but we could see our destination in sight and we were only slowed for an hour or two. We were feeling right at home as 2 million cars and trucks passed by us at Mach 4 speeds giving us a whopping 6-12 inches of clearance as they cruised by.

Seriously, I have been so pleased to have BJ as a son-in-law. He is a terrific father, husband, and golfing companion. I am just not sure which order I need to put those three occupations in!!Have a great 30th birthday and please stay away from the perm aisle at Target. It would really cut down on the glare in Vegas, but just might not be your best look Beej!

Papa John (No, the other one)

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Ben C. said...

I am laughing so hard because it is all true! Especially the comment about the golf swing. Thanks for putting up with so much for us.