Thursday, January 21, 2010


My favorite BJ memory was 1 week after you were married when we were up getting ready for the wedding reception at the Des Moines house. Dick was up there with us to run a 1/2 marathon and the three of us had to make a trip to Whidbey in your U-haul to pick something up for your guys first apartment. So the 3 of us jumped in the cab and cruised up to the island. When we got there Grandpa had some of his "famous" split pea soup ready for us. I got excited because I remembered the days when Grandpa used to make it fresh and how good it was. The problem with this time is that I think it was a freezer version of the last time I had eaten it fresh (like when I was 8). Grandpa realized it might have been a little old so he accessorized the soup with a frozen "mystery meat" that was probably just as old as the soup! The 3 of us had a fun meal trying to choke it down.At one time BJ got up from the table to go get something from the fridge to drown out the taste or to go to the bathroom to puke or something and Dick and I took the liberty of filling his bowl back up to the top with more soup. He wasn't to happy. We had plans of staying in the house but after the dinner incident and when BJ had seen the inards of the house we made plans to camp at the beach. We took some more of the "mystery meat"and went out that night and set a crab pot and the next morning it was full. We then drove back all worried because we knew that if we got pulled over for anything we would get in trouble for having illegal crab in our possession. But we survived!

Glad you are a part of the family Beej! Happy 30th!

Love ya,


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Ben C. said...

Thanks Josh. I love telling that story because technically Kiki and were still on our honeymoon. Yet there I was freezing my buns off spooning with you and Ken on the beach. I still remember breakfast in the morning included some very raw bacon.