Thursday, January 21, 2010


I have two stories about BJ that I would like to share. The first on took place in the delivery room when Booker was working his way out to greet the world. Kiki was struggling and did not have an epidural yet. She was in a great deal of pain and not feeling really cordial. BJ was hurting for her and was looking for ways to ease the pain. In his dearest, most compassionate voice he found the outfit that Booker would be coming home in and held them up to her face. I believe she was in the middle of a big contraction. He said something like " look Kiki, this is all worth it, this is what our new baby will wear really soon". I understood his intent and it was done for all the right reasons. I think Kiki grimaced, finished the contraction and ignored his comment. I was thinking while this was going on, I hope Kiki doesn't let him have it. She restrained herself. The frustration he felt by not being able to make it okay and was very compassionate. Soon after, the epidural arrived and the experience completely changed.

This second episode happened in Utah when they lived at the storage units. It was Christmas, Toby and his family, Megan, Emily, and John and I were at their home. Now this was a great house for Kiki, BJ and Booker but when we added 8 more people plus a kid who was proposing to Emily you can only imagine how smashed were were. BJ accepted this as normal, although I know his real feelings were not normal at that point. The boyfriend came, proposed and stayed at the house also. We had a great dinner. But early in the morning the upset stomachs and intestional tracts began to erupt. Thank heavens there were 2 bathrooms however at least 7-8 of us ended up with the flu. We were laying all over the house feeling horrible. I don't think there were many places to walk. I believe this was his first introduction to our family. Josh and Kristin had not made the trip thank goodness. Through this ordeal BJ remained calm, collected and acted like this was nothing. I'm certain when we all left he was hoping to never repeat the "family" experience again.

We love you BJ.

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Ben C. said...

That was such a nightmare. I can be honest now that I know you guys a bit better. But I couldn't ask for better in-laws. You guys have been so good to us. Thanks for the note.