Thursday, January 21, 2010


When BJ was a kid he loved nature and especially anything living including worms. One day on the playground he had a handful of them and excitedly brought them to me hoping for some reciprocal joy in the squiggles. I suggested he leave them with me (on the ground of course) and I would watch them for him. But no, he insisted on keeping them and promptly shoved them into his back pocket. EEEW. The next time I noticed him he was at the top of the slide. He bounced his little bum down and slid to the bottom. When I pointed out to him that his worms probably didn't make it he started to cry, mourning the loss of his best friends. It never occurred to him that I might be thinking "who is going to clean out those gooey pockets"??? That's a mothers love. I love you sonny!!!!

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Ben C. said...

Thanks Mom. Sorry to put you through so much as a kid. You were pretty patient with me (and my little animal friends). I remember you conducting a graveside ceremony for my beloved deceased pet frog. You're the best. I love you.