Thursday, January 21, 2010

life lessons

One thing that I love about Ben is his great ability to pull life lessons out of experiences. One of my favorite was the lesson he pulled by hiking Mt. Whitney this summer.
He told of the day that the 4 of them hiked up to the summit. It was a long day, which started out at some horrible hour like 4 in the morning. The further they got up on the trail, the thinner the air got and the slower they went. He said they would have people pass them going as fast as they could, only to find them sick and bent over a mile up the way. As they got closer to the top, he saw and met some older people coming down from the summit. As they walked by them, the advice they got was just go slow and steady, one step at a time, one foot in front of the other and you will get to the top. They told them not to go too fast, or they would get sick and have to turn around. And the 4 of them did just that. And they got to the top. He couldn't stop thinking about this statement for the next 3 days.
When Ben got home and recounted that story, we decided to make that our motto of the 2009-10 school year..."Slow and Steady". And isn't that how we should all live life?! One step at a time, enjoying the progress we make and not going too fast because it is too easy to pass over something that is important or skip it all together.
I love learning from Ben. He is a lover of learning and reading and would spend the rest of his life in school if he could make money at it. And I love that he loves teaching and informing us as well. My life is so blessed with him in it!

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Ben C. said...

"You have learned well, Grasshopper." One of my dad's favorite quotes when I was growing up. (usually accompanied by a bow and a non-P.C. chinese accent).