Saturday, January 30, 2010

lovely emails.

i got this cute email this morning in my inbox:

if you are missing the COLD of O H I O , i will be happy to send some. we are at 11 deg this AM. but at least we do not have the snow and ice that some of the country is having.

dear michele,
i actually am NOT missing the cold, and just got back from my morning run in shorts and a sweatshirt..and was HOT! can't beat that in the middle of the winter!

dear our friends in cold weather,
if you are ever feeling the need to get to warmer weather, feel free to come and visit. i can't promise swimming pool weather, yet, but give us another month and a half and i bet we will be close!:)


Darlene said...

I am forsure coming when it is pool weather! How the heck are you guys! I love your blog it is so cute...I just only wish I would take the time to love my blog as much as you love yours! :)

Anonymous said...

sounds good if i get out that way i would love to see all those blues eyes and BLONDIE hair!!

Amanda and Dallin said...

oh kiki, you have know idea how tempting that really is!

Smittys said...

I may seriously say that I loved January weather. I hope I can say the same about feb.
I thought of another place I always have to go eat in C-bus.... Der Dutchmen. Yum! Have you been?

Taunya and Ian said...

I am super jealous..we are supposed to get 8 inches of snow today-boooooo!