Tuesday, January 12, 2010

my 3 favorite parts..

this video is my favorite from christmas. booker always seems to just be at his prime on christmas day. remember this? well, here he is this year..my favorite parts are:

*the way he rips the paper open once he realizes what he got

*the way he says "i love this, i love this!"
* and the cute little, "let's open this baby up!" at the end.
i can watch this over and over again and have a smile on my face every time. i love him.


Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing! glad you had a nice QUIET CHRISTMAS!!
SO great to listen to them

Nate and Jessica said...

Booker is like twice as long and tall as when I last saw him! I just love his Christmas performances SO much...and I got to see the video of Maizie. Oh my goodness.

Monica said...

So cute! Your kids are really growing up!! Okay, SO.. all of your stuff that you made for Kara's shower. AMAZING!! We were all in awe. Please open up a store or something. I totally want to order things from you. :)

Kandice, Paul & Girls said...


You are amazing! I was just checking out the darling dresses you made, can I get one??? What a talented woman you are! REALLY I would love to buy one of your amazing creations.