Thursday, January 21, 2010


I have a lot of good memories with Ben. Some REALLY funny ones. I have no bad memories with Ben. Some were less than ideal though. Like the time he and I were riding to school together in the morning and I ran out of gas ON THE FREEWAY! I’m almost positive he had a test that morning because I remember him studying voraciously in the car, so the LAST thing he needed was one more thing to stress about!! I felt so bad about that. I guess he needed rides bad enough because he still kept carpooling with me! Speaking of reasons to find another carpooling buddy…I have to mention my constant gazing at the sky in search of birds as we drove. I’m sure he had his life flash before his eyes more than once as we were doing 75 mph on the freeway, usually running late, with my head looking straight behind us at some hawk or cormorant or other interesting bird! I guess we musta been pretty good friends at that point, or else he had no other options for rides to school!!! On a more serious note, I always really enjoyed having a good friend to chat with on the way to and from school. I always knew I could trust him, and I really respected him for his intensely hard work ethic, his knowledge of politics, his maturity, and his humility. If I had to pick one thing I admire about Ben, though, it would be how good of a dad he is. I was always so impressed with how he always had Booker and Lincoln RIGHT in line!!! He would have tons of fun being goofy with those kids, and yet he had an amazing skill for disciplining without losing his cool. He’s been a great friend, and honestly one of the best friends I’ve ever had. I look forward to having 3 more years to be able to go on hikes and hang out together! (and luckily for Ben, he won’t be needing rides from me anymore!)


Ben C. said...

Nate...I thought we were good friends but I'm beginning to question how well you know me based on that post. Thanks for the kind words. I have very fond memories of our early morning drives to school/birding expeditions. Thanks for being such a great friend.

kiki comin said...

actually, maybe he knows you better than you do. you ARE a great father..and it shows in your great kids!:)i loved hearing about your rides from you, nate!:)

Nate and Jessica said...

Let's just be thankful Kiki that both our husbands survived those car rides. (Love you honey!) Happy Birthday Ben...I am personally looking forward to hanging out again and hopefully finding things to laugh our guts out about.