Monday, January 18, 2010

the party.

Booker has been excited for quite some time for his birthday party. He invited his 3 best friends and we had a great time. Pizza, red light/green light, sequence,alien puppet making, cake, presents and playing...we all had such a great time!

his party favors..healthy, huh!

getting ready to blow out his trick candles.
and jamming with his friends.

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his cake...he had originally asked for "a statue of liberty cake with all the new york city buildings", and after thinking and re-thinking and realizing how much time i did not have (like in my lifetime!), we settled on a rocket cake. He was happy with it, and i was happy with the time it didn't take!:) maybe next year we will try the impossible!


Kara said...

Oh my word, Happy Birthday Booker!

Anonymous said...

hey BOOKER!! WHAT A NEAT PARTY.that cake was awesome but not as awesome as you.
happy birthday
michele and angel