Thursday, January 21, 2010

President and Sister Andrus

We remember a telephone call from Ben after he was released from his mission asking if we thought if it was ok for him to date Kiki. We gave him an enthusiastic response. YES! I also remember our little conversation at the mission reunion when I took Ben aside and asked him what he was waiting for. Let's get this show on the road. Ben was always an obedient missionary even after his mission. Thanks for taking the counsel, Ben.

President and Sister Andrus


Ben C. said...

What a surprise!!! President and Sister Andrus, from the Edmonton Alberta mission where I served as a missionary, have been some of the greatest role models in my life. Better people have not walked this earth. Thank you for you note.

Nathaniel said...

It's been really fun to read these stories about ya, man!! I love the one about the smashed worms in the pants pocket.