Thursday, January 28, 2010

some cuteness.

I love cuteness in ALL forms in my life.

I love my CUTE clone trooper boys..
I love my CUTE smiling, teething baby girl.
I love that my CUTE boy worked on Booker's Transformer for an hour just so he knew how to do it!
And I just LOVE making cute any form. This one happened to be for our New Beginnings night for Young Women's. This made it REALLY simple to make! love that.:)
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Anonymous said...

just love looking at the pics of the kids!!!! they{?} look cute. and mazie is AMAZINGLY CUTE,
miss everyone
michele and angel

Bryan and Ellie said...

Those bees are awesome. Oh how lucky your new ward is to have you. I LOVE the boys storm trooper costumes, too!

Nate and Jessica said...

Couple things. Where did you get the costumes? And, are you in YW? Also, it was funny, just today I was talking with Jessica from bball abt how her husband has to put the transformers back together because they are too complex.

Drewzer said...

I agree some of those transformers are a pain!!
First Captain Jack Sparrow and now Clone Captain Rex... Booker has come a long way since that little Sleeping Beauty phase he was in when I came to visit a couple summers ago.

emily and kevin griffin said...

nice job on the bees. super cute.