Monday, January 18, 2010

some thoughts

Life is so short.

2 weeks ago, I lost a friend to cancer. We had played volleyball together in college, and also taken many classes together. Being on the volleyball team was a bonding situation because we all worked our tail end off to work toward the same goal. She was an amazing person, a hard worker, a talented artist, always had a sweet smile on her face and was just fun to be around. 8 months ago we reconnected on facebook and of course she was the same person as always. Happy and successful and had an amazing husband and two sweet little girls. She asked me at that time what it was like to have 3 kids because they were thinking of having another life was crazy at that point and told her to ask me in 6 months...because having a new baby is always an adjustment, but inevitably you get back into a schedule.

6 months later she was gone.

The last 2 weeks have been one of much reflecting for me. Ben often catches me zoning off and asks if I am thinking about death again. My reply is always, "Yes." And the thing is, I am not so much thinking about death, because everyone dies. I am thinking about life and just how fragile it is. I'm thinking about how we never know the time nor place of our last breath. I guess more than anything I have been recommitting myself to being better. To living more. Not worrying about the small or the big insignificant things. To enjoy living in the moment and not looking forward to the future and to remembering how precious the relationships are that we make in this life.

I hate that life changing situations have to happen sometimes in order for me to reevaluate, but so greatful for the sweet reminders that the Lord gives us. More than anything, through losing this friend, I am gently reminded again of the Lord's love for all of His children, for His great sacrifice that makes it possible to not only live again, but live as families and continue those great and lasting relationships that I've made here on earth in heaven.

So here is to living, breathing in, and loving every second of 2010.


Anonymous said...

kiki, so sorry for the loss of your friend.much to young and feel terribel for her littile ones.i will pray for all involved.
life is a precious gift and often the Lord sends us reminders. i also beleive that HE gives us the strength to endure the burdens that test us.
praying for all.
love michele

cheeks said...

kiki, thank you for this sweet reminder....i'm so sorry about your friend and pray that her family is comforted. loss of a loved one helps put things into perspective of what REALLY is important in life. wish i could give ya a big hug! XOXO

Nate and Jessica said...

I think I'll read this post every day...make sure I am focused on important things. THE most important things. Thanks for being someone I can always learn from.

Annie said...

We all need reminders like this, thanks so much for sharing.