Thursday, January 21, 2010


Some of the great memories in life, I think, are those when your children are born. In my life with Ben, this has been no exception. He has always been the supportive, sympathetic type. Thank goodness.
When Booker was born, labor was difficult and long. Booker's heart rate would dip and I could see concern on Ben's face...even though he tried not to show it. I had tried to do a natural birth with Booker and so the contractions were extremely hard to get through for the first while...he would coach me and count for me and help me take my mind off of it however he could. Once I got the epidural his role turned into one of just supporter. When he saw Booker for the first time, his eyes welled with tears. He couldn't stop staring at him and smiling.
When Lincoln was born it was a totally different labor. I had a midwife who coached my contractions and so again, Ben was my #1 support. He was much more confident with this experience the 2nd time around and this time, helped me so much when I was pushing Lincoln out. He again, got sweet tears in his eyes when Lincoln was born, and just couldn't stop touching him and rubbing his little hands and tummy.
When Maizie was born, Ben was studying every second he could (because he had a final the next day). That didn't stop him though, from offering his laptop to watch 3 seasons of the Office while we waited. Let's just say that not too much studying got done DURING labor, but what a fun memory. When Maizie came out, Ben had never been so smitten in his life. He would not put her down. And still won't.
These memories are still so clear in my mind. I love experiencing difficult things together where we help each other reach goals. I appreciate having him cheer me on in the seemingly impossible feats of life and love having him there when we accomplish them together.

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