Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Woods Family

I asked a few family members what they had to say about Benjamin Comin and I was so touched at their answers. Obviously Ben is a very rich man for he has the highest esteem and admiration of those that know him best. Addie immediately shared an indelible memory with Ben. When she was just three or four years old she was playing in the backyard of Grandma Lynn’s house. A big metal table tipped over onto her little finger and crushed it badly. She remembers BJ grabbing her up in his arms and rushing her inside for help. She said that BJ has always been the kindest cousin to her. She admires him greatly. When Fred responded I couldn’t believe the flow of compliments and adulations that came forth! He feels that Ben has always been very teachable, upright, honorable, gentle and kind (to name a few). Ben has always been respectful and gracious. In short, our whole family loves and admires Ben very much. We are all in agreement. Happiest Birthday Ben! You have done amazing things and you are an amazing man!!!

Love, the Whole Woods Clan

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Ben C. said...

Thank you to all the Woods. You are so nice to say those things. I enjoyed so much living near you guys while we were in Provo. You guys were so good to me when I first moved to Utah (remember, I didn't have silverware or an ice scraper and you gave me them). Love you guys.