Tuesday, February 23, 2010

all in 30 seconds.

In 30 seconds we went from this...

..to this...all without me having to say (or shout) a thing! 
I just simply kept taking pictures every 5 seconds and the tantrum stopped. Lesson to me: take my camera with me everywhere!:)
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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

some new firsts!

First: a cute picture from valentines day...so sweet..

our FIRST picnic at the park for the year...

Maizies first rocket launch...(and yes, she is always with her dad..she IS a daddy's girl..which will work quite nicely for my upcoming trip to OHIO sans kids..yay!)

Booker getting ready for our FIRST swim outside for the year...

Maizie's FIRST time verbally refusing to let me take a picture of her!ahhh!
Lincoln's initial dip was very reserved..
Booker's was very, well, BOOKER!
and yes, she loved it too!
Here's to a new season of FIRSTS! yay!
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Friday, February 12, 2010

a few valentines projects

Valentine's day is here already..it seems like this year is just flying! I made some quick little valentines for Bookers class, and a sweet little house as a gift for his teacher.
I love things that look organized when they are all put together. After getting the valentines all made, i made a quick little box up to hold them, which made transporting them so simple!
I love these little designs from papertrey ink..love how you can do a little or a lot to them and they look fantastic regardless...
and of course signed by the big boy himself!
and this is the sweet little house i made...
all valentined out...
with some sweets inside, of course.
i don't know about you, but i feel so greatful there is a day i can spend thinking about all the people who i love and make a big difference in my life.
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Thursday, February 11, 2010


I have some exciting new things coming up in the next few months..which WILL be talked about later, but first I need some help. I am working on designing some birth announcements, but need some pictures of babies. If you have just had a baby or know of someone who has, who has had pictures taken of them, AND wouldn't mind a FREE baby announcement designed, send them my way, PLEASE! I need 6 volunteers, both boys and girls. Just leave a comment with your contact info and I will send you the details. Thanks!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

cheap much?

Tonight we had the funniest thing happen. WE REALIZED JUST HOW CHEAP WE ARE ABOUT SOME THINGS. haha..it just makes me giggle thinking about it.

see this is exhibit A....what rabbit ears are suppose to look like:

enter exhibit B...what our rabbit ears look like:

you see, our rabbit ears started out nice and long and had really great reception until lincoln pulled them down a few too many times and the antennaes kept busting off. did we get new ones? nope. so you might be asking how we make it work..well, it's a bit complicated. As we tried to watch a show tonight, it was comical to watch Ben turn the antennae around in almost a scientific manner..he turned, twisted, raised an arm, stood 3 inches to the right..all to get a picture on the TV. we started laughing and couldn't stop when we realized just how badly we wanted to watch a show and couldn't. And realized we are just cheap about some things, and this is DEFINITELY one of them.:)

By being cheap about some things, though, we have learned some lessons about where NOT to be cheap. As we were eating our Great Value peanut butter one day, I turned the jar around to read the allergy warnings on the back...and it read to the effect: This product has been manufactured in a plant with nuts...yada, yada, yada...and ANCHOVIES. sick, gross, and wrong. the thought that I had sick little fish in my peanut butter changed us forever....
and JIF will win out over price on this one anyday.

SO, what are you cheap and NOT cheap about?

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Friday, February 5, 2010

boys vs. girls

Tell me, Booker and Lincoln, how do you play?

"Anything rough, tough, and fast. A competition is always good...

going as fast as we can go...
down the hill, and starting all over again."

Maizie, Maizie, how do YOU play?

"I like to sit and get my crayons out....

and color a pretty picture with lots of colors..

and that is how I like to play!"

note of disclaimer: this is not to say that Maizie can't be found eating rocks, running all over the place and going as "FAST" as she possibly can..and not to say that the boys are not sometimes (read rarely) up for a little coloring outside, but the other day as I watched the 3 of them play, I was blown away by the differences of their preferred methods of playing.
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